Shepherd's Way began in response to a divine burden to help one young man surpass the limitations that the world had placed upon him, in order that he might experience the fullness of life that God had intended for him, driven by the belief that God did not create him to simply survive. In 2014, Ben French, Founder and President of Shepherd's Way, met a friend named Dallas who would forever change his life, his perspective, his passion, and his sense of direction in life. A year after meeting and getting to know Dallas, a young man with an intellectual disability, Dallas and his family were going through a season of homelessness. In this season of homelessness, God challenged and blessed Ben to see Dallas' situation and circumstances through the lens of hope and prosperity, rather than through the lens of hopelessness and brokenness. It was this lens that allowed Ben to see Dallas, not for his circumstances or his disability, but for his identity and potential, so Ben had a casual conversation with Dallas, asking him how he would like to move out of the homeless shelter and into an apartment with Ben, having a roommate like guys in college. Dallas response and his leap of faith would start the journey that is now Shepherd's Way, and impact the lives of so many more. He said, "that would be great." Dallas and Ben moved into a two bedroom apartment in downtown Wichita, KS where Ben began teaching Dallas the independent living skills he needed, and began pouring into his heart and identity as a child of God. After a year of learning the skills that the world said Dallas would never be able to learn: managing his own budget, schedule, social life, transportation, hygiene, grocery shopping, meal preparation, health, and spiritual life to name a few; Dallas and Ben moved into a four bedroom duplex with two of Ben's friends and co-workers, Taylor Miller and Adam Ginzel. It was in this four bedroom, 4 roommate setting, and through the mentorship of Taylor and Adam that Dallas began to grow even more, building on his life skills and thriving socially. A year later after Adam took a job in Denver, Ben met Lynn and Roy Craft, the parents of Jordan Craft, one of Dallas' good friends from school (Chisholm Life Skills Center). One of the Craft's biggest concerns in life was what would happen to their son when they were no longer able to care for him. Again, Ben saw an opportunity to see Jordan for his potential and not his disability, and this time joined by a shared vision for Jordan's life with Taylor, invited Jordan to be their 4th roommate. Jordan's response-"Yes." Taylor and Ben put together a progressive transition plan for Jordan moving out of his parent's home to learn to live independently. Over the next year Taylor and Ben continued investing in Dallas, and began teaching Jordan the skills that had made Dallas so successful. Sacrificing much of the time spent caring about himself as a typical 23 year old guy would, Taylor spent the entire next year of his life waking up in the morning to teach Jordan how to develop a morning routine, how to schedule a routine and activities in the evenings, how to go grocery shopping, how to budget his money, how to write a rent check, how to do his laundry, and so much more. Together Ben and Taylor defined the first model home for what is today Shepherd's Way, where young adult mentors are investing in the lives of their peers and roommates, shattering limitations, and empowering individuals with intellectual disabilities to thrive.