Shepherd’s Way is a residential program committed to empowering young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, not requiring daily nursing intervention, to live independently. The Shepherd's Way program is committed to utilizing evidence based practices to teach independent living skills, with a focus and emphasis on identity, value, and relationship.

Program participants are assigned a compatible and qualified resident mentor who embodies the necessary skills and character traits to teach, guide, and advocate accordingly. Mentors are supported and approved by Shepherd’s Way advisors and financial sponsors.


Shepherd’s Way will work with individuals and families to develop a monthly budget within the individuals means. The mentor will work with the participant to learn and implement their budget and manage expenses. Expenses beyond the developed budget will be the responsibility of the individuals family. Ultimately, Shepherd’s Way would like to fundraise to cover the cost of extracurricular expenses as well as provide financial aid for families in extreme need.


Shepherd’s Way Model-Two mentors and two individuals being served in a four bedroom home-this provides the necessary 1:1 coaching support, while also allowing for a community living situation to enhance the development of social skills.

Family Visits- Family members are welcome to visit. Those we serve are considered residents of their home and families can visit anytime they desire.


Shepherd’s Way will empower individuals with independent living skills in four key curriculum areas: Vocational, Recreation/Leisure, Independent Living Home Skills, and Community Integration, to include (but not limited to) the following skills:

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