Shepherd's Way began in response to a divine burden to help one young man surpass the limitations that the world had placed upon him, in order that he might experience the fullness of life that God had intended for him, driven by the belief that God did not create him to simply survive. God's word tells us that each of his children were fearfully and wonderfully made, and he created ALL of his children to thrive. God doesn't bless his children simply to bless them, but so that they can then share their blessings and impact the lives of others. This truth is the foundation of the call of Shepherd's Way, in that we are committed to seeing all those we serve, despite their disability, for their potential: their potential to develop the skills to live independently, growing in joy and confidence; their potential to grow spiritually; and their potential to significantly impact the lives and hearts of others. Through God's eyes all of his sons and daughters are equally cherished and we all have unique value to bring to the community and to the lives of others. Shepherd's Way is dedicated to empowering individuals with and without disabilities to fully recognize that value, growing and maturing in their spiritual journey, and using their gifts to bless and impact the lives of others. As human beings and God's creation, not only are we called to love and impact the lives of others, we were created with a distinct need for community and relationships. At Shepherd's Way we fully recognize this distinct need, and we are empowering individuals with disabilities by not only teaching independent living skills, but by also shepherding their hearts, and walking alongside them in their spiritual journey.